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mass effect 2 bonus powers Mass Effect 2 - choose a power bonus at the start of the game. Sorry for my english but Im italian and I dont speak english. Yesterday I started Mass Effect 2, importing Mass Effect 1 saves. Then, I watched a video on Youtube where another player, at the start of the game (when you can to choose face character and class character), was able to choose a bonus power. I did not have this chance.
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IMO, the best bonus powers for each class is. Vanguard: Reave. Sentinel: Barrier/Fortification/Defense Matrix. Combining those with Tech Armor makes Shepard basically indestructible. Soldier: Carnage. Engineer: Incendiary Ammo. Incendiary ammo+Squad Cryo+Incinerate=Max carnage. Infiltrator: Energy Drain.
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Bonus Power is not super important for Infiltrator, IMO. Make sure you get the Assassin Cloak and the "Assassin" option for Agent, though. Disruptor ammo is key as well. Basically, for Infiltrators on Insanity, focus on upgrading the Tactical Cloak and Sniper specialization. Cloak and headshot. Rinse and repeat.
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mass effect 2 bonus powers Mass Effect 2 – Message Board. Ammo power is what squadmates are for. Think about this, Gunship comes to attack, you hit it with reave to do double damage to the shields/ armor (warp does very little …
What is the best bonus power to take for each class
mass effect 2 bonus powers Mass Effect 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. ShockerCyclone. Aug 28 @ 1:55pm Best bonus power for Sentinel for ME2 and ME3 So Ive never done a Sentinel run and Ive been wondering about bonus powers for both 2 and 3. Reave sounds like a really good power for 2 but should I stick with it for 3 or go to Dark Channel which I hear isnt as
What is the best bonus power to take for each class
" The powers you can gain are the same bonus powers that your squad mates unlock after they become loyal. The only exception is Samara, who can potentially unlock two bonus abilities if you go the renegade route at some point during her loyalty quest.
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Mass Effect 2. Recruit Morinth to get the Dominate skill, and get a large amount of Element Zero. Buy the Advanced Training upgrade, and select Dominate. This will result in a bonus skill point, which is then used by the Retrain Powers upgrade. Repeat this process to get another skill point.
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So for Mass Effect, you do get more bonuses for reaching max level but they arent crucial in order to play and enjoy Mass Effect 2. I dont see anything on the wiki page that lists what is imported based on your character level when importing a Mass Effect 2 character into Mass Effect 3, however for all imported characters your powers are
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Mass Effect 2 is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 in 2010, and PlayStation 3 in 2011. Mass Effect 2 is the second installment of the Mass Effect series and a sequel to the original Mass Effect.
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The result of my work are the Bonus Power Packs - a pair of DLC mods that introduces 10 powers taken from Multiplayer into the Single-Player campaign as true, genuine bonus powers for Shepard to use. Bonus Power Pack 1 contains: Arc Grenade, Ballistic Blades, Biotic Sphere, Smash, and Submission Net
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On higher difficulties, its better to use drain and overload together. You can spam it on an Atlas with a greater frequency than overload of a squad mate. It does much more damage to an Atlas than Overload because of the constant spam. Drain is also better in clutch situations when you get caught out.
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mass effect 2 bonus powers 1. Are the bonus powers take the place of other abilities that a class has? 2. If I use Project Variety and am able to max out ALL of my abilities will the same resetting problem occur? Thank you for your reply, (sorry for the bad grammar).
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Slam has 2 caracteristics that make it pretty dam good, its a biotic power with a small cooldown and it imobilizes the enemy at rank 4, so if you like flasgbang grenade, then you will love slam for sure, obviosly it attacks 1
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Because the Geth Shield Boost damage bonus (like nearly every bonus) is calculated based on the weapons base damage, youre paying a 12-second-cooldown price for an extra 38 damage per shot. Thats a single round from an assault rifle. I wont say its not worth it; thats for you to decide. I …

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