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Amigo, preciso de ajuda! configurei o unifi AP e ativei o hotspot com autenticação Voucher e salvei as configurações ate ai funcionou tudo bem, os dispositivos conectarão e pediam a autenticação por meio de voucher, mas quando fechei o controle manager do unifi no computador o unifi não pediu mas as autenticação, os dispositivos conectaram automático e não pediu mas a senha! já
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Im looking to create a custom guest portal for UniFi. I would like to sort of combine the voucher feature along with the package features available with the custom API. In the end I would like to be able to create Vouchers that I can allow a certain amount of bandwidth (upload/download speed),
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UniFi Network admins and hotspot operators can access the Hotspot System via the GO TO HOTSPOT MANAGER link found at the right of the screen in the UniFi Network Controllers Settings > Guest Control > Hotspot section. Users will be redirected to another area of …
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Connect to unifi wifi, get vouchers and special deals. Frequently Asked Questions. What is wifi@unifi? wifi@unifi is a service provided by TM which offers wifi service to the public. Starting 16th September 2017, all users regardless of TM or Non-TM customers can enjoy public wifi at 12,000 different hotspots.
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The voucher code cannot be exchanged for cash, rebate, waiver or any forms of legal tender and it is not refundable with vouchers of other denominations . 10. Can I perform the voucher code redemption on other’s unifi TV account? The voucher codes are uniquely tagged to your account, thus it is not redeemable on other unifi TV account. 11.
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(Help)Hello,I recently purchased for the first time the UniFI Ap-Pro. I plan on expanding the application to a few on-campus sites and will probably have a small AP saturation of 10 units. That said and before I expand I was having some issues with the voucher setup. This is frustrating b/c Im
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UniFi Voucher Generator Generates UniFi Hotspot vouchers using the UniFi controller API ready for printing. Customise the design using CSS. This should work on any Linux/Mac machine that can reach the UniFi controller.
The Create Vouchers item allows you to create batches of vouchers for guest authentication. Lets Create a set of 10 One time use vouchers (each one with a unique code) with an 8 hour expiration. Note the Time limit defines how long the client can gain network access once the code has been used.

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